Webinar Series and Online Course

Strengthening Young Families Experiencing Homelessness
Fall 2012

The National Center on Family Homelessness presents a free training series for providers working with young homeless families. Two of life's most important developmental stages happen during early childhood and young adulthood. As a result, homeless families headed by parents aged 18-25 with children under the age of six need services focused specifically on meeting their developmental needs to ensure their long-term stability.

This training series will help providers expand their understanding of these developmental stages, learn about the impact of trauma and homelessness on young mothers and children, and develop strategies for improving services for young homeless families. The series is based on findings from the Strengthening At Risk and Homeless Young Mothers and Children Initiative, a program funded by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. The goals of the Initiative were to improve the housing, health, and developmental outcomes of homeless young mothers and their children at four sites across the country.

Participants will learn about characteristics of young homeless families, results from the Strengthening At Risk and Homeless Young Mothers and Children Initiative, guidelines for meeting the needs of young homeless families, and program and policy implications during four webinars. Participants interested in learning more can also register for 6 week online course which is CEU accredited.


See the webinar archive to view recordings of past webinars in this series.


Corey Anne Beach, Corey.Beach@familyhomelessness.org