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t3 Training: Think. Teach. Transform.

t3 is an innovative training institute committed to improving the skills and knowledge of people working in homeless services. t3 believes that a skilled workforce is essential to mount a serious response to complex social problems. To help develop the skills and knowledge of the workforce, t3 builds on established core competencies and skill standards to train on evidence-based and promising practices.

t3 is an initiative of the Center for Social Innovation. The National Center on Family Homelessness partners with the Center for Social Innovation to provide content for t3 products and trainings.

t3 Offers Three Types of Training:

  1. Knowledge at Work - Online core curricula that offer homelessness service providers basic knowledge to do their jobs well. These competency-based courses are ideal for new staff orientation, training people across an entire agency or community, or as a refresher for experienced staff.

  2. Skills Courses - Instructor-led long distance courses that use web meetings, conference calls, coaching, and peer-to-peer assignments to develop basic and advanced skills. Topics include core skills in homelessness services, case management competencies, trauma-informed care, Motivational Interviewing, and Critical Time Intervention.

  3. Onsite Training - Face-to-face training on a range of important topics. In addition to online learning opportunities, t3 trainers can come to your community.

Because it is often a combination of online and onsite learning that can truly transform the staff of an organization or an entire community, t3 will work with you to develop a package of face-to-face and online courses that will meet your needs. Whether you are interested in training for staff in a particular role, agency-wide opportunities on a specific topic, or individual professional development, t3 looks forward to working with you. 

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If you are interested in working with us to bring training to your community, contact Kathleen Guarino, Director of Training, at or 617-964-6841.