Physical and Emotional Awareness for Children Who Are Homeless (PEACH)

PEACH is an innovative curriculum that teaches young children about good nutrition, physical activity, and how to deal with the stress of being homeless. It is easy to use and fun to implement.

PEACH is divided into 16 sessions that last for about 45-60 minutes. Each session follows a consistent, predictable format that helps children feel at ease. It also accommodates the high turnover of families in shelter settings; each session is broad enough for new children to understand and participate, and engaging enough for children who attend regularly. At the heart of the PEACH curriculum are sessions on emotional health, specifically designed to help children living in shelters understand their bodies' reactions to traumatic stress and what to do about it. These sessions help children identify and feel comfortable with a range of emotions  and learn strategies that help them feel safe. Download Order Form (pdf)


How Peach Helps Children Cope with the Stress of Homelessness
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