Webinar Series: Trauma-Informed Care for Veterans Experiencing Homelessness

Starting November 12, The National Center will be hosting a free, 4-part webinar series that addresses the impact of trauma on Veterans and highlights trauma-informed care as an organization-wide approach to understanding and responding to trauma. Special focus during the fourth webinar will be given to the experiences of women Veterans and how to provide trauma-informed care to this population. The training series will include:

November 12: Trauma-Informed Care: An Organizational Approach to Serving Veterans
November 19: Building a Trauma-Informed Organization
December 3: Lessons from the Field - Adopting Trauma-Informed Care
December 10: Meeting the Unique Needs of Women Veterans

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Trauma-Informed Care Across Service Systems

Advances in awareness and knowledge of the prevalence and impact of traumatic stress have led to a call to action by federal agencies, researchers, and service providers to implement "trauma-informed care" across service systems. What is trauma-informed care? How is it different from trauma-specific services? How does it change the culture of organizations and service systems? What is needed to implement it? And, most important, what is its impact?

The American Institutes for Research has developed the following resources on how to bring trauma-informed care to scale across service systems: